Tips and Tricks Install RO System

The purchase of a water filtration system needs to be approached with particular importance. Before buying, be sure to check the reverse osmosis system reviews.

Drinking pure and clean water means the first thing is to consider an RO system. This is used commonly in the home appliances such that cooking food and drinking water is easy. If RO system is installed at home, it is essential to know its working system and proper maintenance.  Few useful tips1 regarding RO system installation:

Installation Instructions

  • Mount The Feed of Water Supply: Mostly, the filter assembly is seen hanging under the sink or from the back wall or side. Install a T-valve or a saddle carefully available with the reverse osmosis water filter, but first turn off the water shutoffs. Push into the inlet valve the tubes and tighten it with your hand, but not too tight.
  • Attach sink mixer: Now feed the water lines of supply to their destinations. This implies it will have two waste lines and one line supplying water. Go through the faucet base; ascertain it is as you want. Ensure the waste lines are away from the supply connection but should run through faucet base to stop backups. Cut off unwanted excess tubing.
  • Attach drain line connector: Very carefully you may attach to the sink base the drain line connector.
  • Mount storage tank: Meticulously mount the reverse osmosis water filter to the sink below and install the main water line finally.
  • Clean: Once everything is set, carefully check connections, disinfect the setup patch, clean the areas and turn the water and test it. If you notice problems, go through the given instruction manual that is with the RO water filter.

The RO system requires regular maintenance like any hot water system so that you need not spend on replacement of parts frequently. If you wish to enjoy pure clean RO water, follow tips:

Change RO filters regularly

The first is to maintain in RO systems is their filters that require periodic changes. They feature filter stages and each needs a change at regular intervals. The pre-filter cartridge and the carbon filter must be changed once in 6 to 9 months, while there is a need to replace in 2-3 years once the RO membrane. Changing filters is essential so that the water production is regular and for efficient RO working.

Cleaning and sanitization

Maintaining an RO system by cleaning it properly at least once a year should be done by a professional. Considering a system sanitization service or a recharge process, as necessary is the best.

Install a softener

People install softener with RO system. The ROS and a softener make a good combination and result in clean water and good tasting. A softener is essential as the water is hard sometimes owing to the presence of calcium and magnesium and it hinders the work of RO system. 

Keep exteriors clean

The RO internal maintenance and cleaning is important, but that does not mean you can ignore the exteriors. The outside machinery attached to the tap also should be wiped with a dry or wet cloth regularly.

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